Mint Matcha Latte

Made from ground green tea leaves, matcha powder packs a powerful punch of wellness benefits, delivering roughly ten times more nutrients than regular green tea! Our light and creamy Original Plantmilk offers a delicate sweetness that balances the natural bitterness of the matcha without needing any additional sugar. We love how fresh mint further complements and elevates the flavors, making for a power-packed, replenishing beverage you can enjoy hot or cold!

Recipe by: Wendy McMillan 



  1. For a hot beverage: Spoon the matcha powder into a mug. Add hot water and whisk or stir to fully dissolve. In a small saucepan, heat Good Karma Plantmilk with mint leaves to a low simmer. Remove the mint leaves and stir in extract, if using. Froth with a handheld frother. Alternatively, transfer to a blender (feel free to keep the mint leaves in) and blend until frothy. Pour over matcha in mug and sweeten to taste.

  2. For an iced latte,add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.Pour over ice.


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Mint Matcha Latte Mint Matcha Latte