Finally A Plant-Based Milk the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

Andrea Mathis
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My family consists of 2 rambunctious little boys, a hard-working husband, a spoiled Malti-poo, and me—the chef, nurse, teacher, mediator, etc… Most days I manage to keep our home free of chaos, but somedays can be quite challenging especially when we happen to run out of milk! And I know what you’re thinking— “that’s not a big deal, just buy more milk!” If only it was that simple.


You see, my kids prefer regular milk, my husband prefers almond milk, and I prefer oat milk. So, as you can probably imagine, our fridge is quite full, and I can’t seem to keep everyone’s preferred milk fully stocked.


I was almost at my wit’s end until I discovered Good Karma Foods’ NEW Plantmilk. Good Karma Plantmilk is the best thing that’s ever happened to my family! It blends the best plant-based ingredients, which includes oats, flax, and peas, to deliver a nutritious and creamier, non-dairy milk. My kids love that smooth texture, and my husband and I love that it’s completely dairy free.


I also love that this Plantmilk offers more nutrition than their single-source milks, such as almond milk and oat milk. It contains 5g protein per cup serving (5x the protein in almond milk), 800mg Omega 3’s thanks to the cold-pressed flax oil, tons of vitamins and minerals, and the perfect touch of sweetness! 


Another great thing about Good Karma Plantmilk is that comes in both refrigerated and convenient pantry-friendly varieties. The refrigerated Plantmilk comes in Original, Vanilla and Chocolate, which happens to be my kids’ favorite! And if you desire an unsweetened variety, no need to fret because this option will also be available early next year. I like to keep plenty of the Original Plantmilk on hand because it pairs perfectly with our cereal, smoothie recipes, and even a few of my savory dinner recipes—it happens to be the secret ingredient in my Creamy Tomato Bisque!


With Good Karma Plantmilk, I only need one carton/type of milk in the fridge, which helps to keep our household drama-free! Thanks to Good Karma Plantmilk, I can finally say so long to multiple milk carton syndrome and hello to a plant-based milk that satisfies the whole family!