Plantmilk During Pregnancy

Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, MS, RD, CDN
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Finally, a milk that has been able to evolve and grow with me as I’ve evolved and grown over the years. Good Karma Plantmilk finally delivers on the nutrition and health front, in more beneficial ways than I could have anticipated in my everyday milk carton. During the last 3 phases of my life, particularly while trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy and postpartum, I have been able to lean on the reliable quality and the nutrition coming from Good Karma and here’s how:  


When I was trying to boost fertility...I was zeroed in on fertility-friendly foods. While writing the fertility chapter in my women’s health book, “The Better Period Food Solution,” I was bewildered by the depth of research showing how beneficial plant-based foods are when it comes to boosting fertility. By eating more plants, you can cast a wide nutritional net and soak in a variety of nutrients coming from zinc, vitamin D, folate and calcium- all of which are helpful for both males and females when trying to conceive. The feel-good blend of oat, flax and peas in Plantmilk touches upon so many nutritional offerings that are in generally in favor of fertility like omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12. I wholeheartedly felt nutritionally supported by the ingredients in this milk during my journey to pregnancy.   


When I was pregnant...I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had to hone in on low-carb milks, with no sugar added to manage my condition. I was instinctively drawn to almond milk because it’s desirable, low carbohydrate levels but the watery taste and drowned out flavor just wasn’t doing it for me. Thankfully, I was elated to swap in a richer and more satisfying milk instead- insert Good Karma Unsweetened Flax Milk. It tasted so much more creamier than almond milk while still offering a low carb, keto-friendly nutritional profile that didn’t spike my blood sugar. During pregnancy, I was also searching for a refreshing and easily digested milk that didn’t make me queasy and would deliver high quality and key nutrients to both me and my baby. I also had lots of aversions to food during pregnancy, especially fish, and I was worried this would create nutritional gaps in my diet, specifically omega 3 fatty acids. Thankfully, the Good Karma Unsweetened Flax milk contained plentiful omega 3’s from the cold-pressed flax oil and was creamier than any other low-carb, non-dairy milks I’ve tried. I wholeheartedly felt like my body and my baby was nutritionally supported with each and every sip. 


When I was postpartum....all I wanted was energy for my sleep deprived and ravenous, nursing body. Naturally, I was more inclined to opt for oat milk when it came to my coffee, cereals or smoothies, to help deliver satisfying, slow-digesting, complex carbohydrates to my body. I appreciated the wholesome and sustainable oat milk nutrition (particularly from Oatly), especially the bonus of belly-filling fiber. However, Good Karma’s Plantmilk bulldozed through competing brands, by delivering more (specifically 5g) satiating, plant-based protein, less sugar and an added boost of energizing, vegan-friendly vitamin B12. Plus, while I was nursing and my baby was fussing around, I wanted to aim for a milk that was free of all major allergens. And Good Karma’s Plantmilk allergen friendly nutrition composition, made without nuts, dairy, lactose, soy and gluten was a plus in my book! 


I cannot speak more highly of a milk that supported me during each phase of my life, allowing me to worry less about nutrition and more about my wellbeing while I was going through these exciting milestones and life transitions. :)